What does a Rockin' Red show entail?

Rockin' Red shows can be tailored to your event--both in musical content and length.  Most shows are around 45-minutes, which historically have been a great length for the audience's attention span.  All shows include original, upbeat songs geared toward children ages 1-10, but are enjoyed by adults too!  This engaging musical show encourages kids to participate by incorporating colorful dancing scarves, egg shakers, bubbles, hula hoops, and fun dance moves and actions. Rockin' Red uses performance tracks in addition to playing the keyboard to create an entertaining and energetic live show for kids and their families.

What type of venues or events typically book Rockin' Red?

Rockin' Red can perform for any event that needs family or children's entertainment.  Book Rockin' Red year-round for fairs, festivals, libraries, daycares, churches, school assemblies, holiday parties, birthday parties and more!   Rockin' Red is based out of Sioux Falls, SD but travels throughout the Midwest--primarily SD, MN, IA, NE, KS, MO, IL & ND--during her summer tour in June, July & August of every year.

What is the cost to bring a Rockin' Red show to my event or location?

Rockin' Red shows are priced at $350.  The show fee covers the time preparing for and performing the event, equipment costs, liability insurance, and other business expenses.  Additional performances at the same location and on the same day are $125.  Travel fees from Sioux Falls are charged at approximately .50 per mile, which cover additional travel time, mileage, gas, lodging and food.  If your organization is tax-exempt, we will need a copy of the certificate.  Otherwise, SD sales tax will be applied to all performances in South Dakota. 

Additional benefits included for free!

We provide the sound system, microphone, and all equipment for each show.  All you need to provide is a power source--standard electrical plug-in.  You are welcome to use our microphone to make announcements, etc. at your event.

If more than one show is booked for the same day, we can play family-friendly music through our speakers before, after, and in-between live performances.  This helps keep your event rockin' and full of entertainment!

Kids will be entertained, parents will be happy, and your event will be a success!

Contact us today for a price quote and to discuss the possibility of hiring Rockin' Red for your next event!

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Rockin' Red Music is a division of Dolby Artistry, LLC and is registered with the State of South Dakota.  All songs performed are under copyright ownership of Dolby Artistry Publishing.  Songs are registered with BMI--CAE/IPI #: 825097625.