The Praise Project: Worship Songs for Kids

The Praise Project is a collection of worship songs written specifically for kids.  Songs on the project include general worship songs and Memory Verse Melody songs--which are Bible verses set to music and melody to help kids memorize the verses more easily.  

The digital release of the first three songs in this project are now available on iTunes & streaming sites. Find these songs under the "Music" tab:

        "Stars in Heaven"

        "What Love Is"

        "Thank You, Lord Jesus"

If you represent a church and would like a song specifically written for your children's ministry, please contact us at:  We would be happy to work with you on a commissioned song for your church.

Rockin' Red has performed at church block parties and other related events for children.  If your church is looking for entertainment for an event, please contact us.  For these shows, Rockin' Red sings her standard songs, with the addition of her Praise Project songs.