Who is Rockin' Red?


Rockin' Red is the stage name for experienced musician and natural redhead, Leslie Dolby.  Leslie was the keyboardist and member of the children's entertainment group "Do Re Let's Play" from 2008-2016.  In 2016, she began performing solo children's shows as Rockin' Red.  Leslie has a bachelors degree in music and has been performing her entire life.  Her primary instruments are piano and saxophone--which you can hear on her first studio album.  With two young children of her own, she finds inspiration for writing her songs from everyday life.  Her shows are packed with fun since she isn't afraid to be silly and goofy!  

The word "rockin'" may not be the perfect descriptor for the type of music that Leslie performs--if you are thinking of true rock 'n roll or indie rock music.  However, her live shows are full of energy and she definitely "rocks" the stage!  Her music is an eclectic mix of many genres: jazz, Broadway, hip hop, rap, folk, rock and country. Children of all ages enjoy moving and grooving to her lively music!

Leslie calls Sioux Falls, SD home but loves traveling across the Midwest for shows and meeting new friends.